Taylor Swift Dance Fitness! 5 Routines to Rock Out To

Want a body like Taylor Swift? You're not alone.

rock out to these 5 Taylor Swift songs and get a bangin' workout while you do it!

These easy-to-moderate level dance fitness vids will seem easy at first, but if you do them in sequence with a 30 second cool down march between each, you'll be surprised at what a good workout you get – and how much fun you're having! :D

"We Are Never Getting Back Together."Inside Jenny's Head

SHiNE Dance Fitnesschannel"Shake It Off"

"I Knew You Were Trouble"Tease Dance, UC Berkley

Bad Blood Squat ChallengeLove Sweat Fitness!

"Blank Space"ReFitRevhere


And now you know how to shake it like Taylor! :)

What other pop stars would you like to dance to? Comment below, because I'm always taking requests! :)

Think positive, love food, be happy :)
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