How To Make Felt Produce - EASY DIY

Here goes another cute, fun diy project that you can figure out, create and teach others, just by eyeballing it! For real!

Now, you could use templates and Cricut type of craft machines, (I haven't bought mine yet), or you can just eyeball it old school style! Actually, I think I'd prefer it that way because it makes the produce more realistic. But to each their own...

Supplies Needed:

Felt (all the colors you need to make apples, bananas, cucumbers, and anything else...)

Embroidery floss (in different colors)

Hand needle

Paper Scissors

Fabric Scissors

Scratch (or tracing paper)


1. Draw out your patterns for the fruits and vegetables.

2. Cut them out of the scratch paper and trace onto the felt

3. Cut out a front and back to each one.

4. Hand stitch the front and back together and leave an opening.

5. Stuff the batting into the opening to give the fruits dimension.

6. Finish sewing up.

This could also be done with yarn. None of this has to be "precise" or "perfect." It's meant to be cute, fun and easy.

that you can see here!

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