Hand Painted Invitations

I'd like to point out the stunning artistry that goes into hand painted invitations for your weddings (and any other special occasion altogether). This set was created by Philippines-based visual artist, Anina Rubio.

If you visit her website, she's done what most others refuse to do: she published a pdf with a list of services AND PRICES! Granted, the pricing is not USD. You'll have to Google a currency converter. From my point of view, the pricing is AWESOME!

TIP: Get ALL of your printed correspondence created at once. More than anything, I am talking about getting your Thank You cards designed and created so that they are done and ready to go.

While the Post brand says you can wait up to a year to get the Thank You cards out, you really want to be on top of that before your one year anniversary!

Would you get your invitations hand painted or calligraphed? If you haven't thought of it before or were concerned about cost, you should really look into it before letting that dream go by the wayside.

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