Cubs Star Kris Bryant Surprises Fans

It's almost official. Kris Bryant, the third baseman for the Chicago Cubs, is the hottest rookie in baseball this season.

That actually might be an understatement.

Kris Bryant has been among the best in the entire league.

The 23-year old rookie has logged 25 homeruns (tying a franchise rookie record) and 95 RBIs this season. No wonder why all the Cubs fan love their third baseman!

So...Kris Bryant decided to prepare a little surprise for his fans!

Kris Bryant drove undercover for Lyft, a ride-hailing app and surprised a bunch of Chicagoans!

Below is a full video of Kris Bryant as a driver for Lyft. The fans' reactions are priceless.

“I’m actually the third baseman for the Chicago Cubs. I’m Kris Bryant."

That's right. He is the "Kris Bryant".

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