My Grumpy Dad's Road Rage


To some, driving can be a great experience full of music and fun. Driving calms people. Some love to roll down the windows and feel the wind, the speed of the car and the life of the road.

My dad is not one of those people.

Road rage is real me. Here, dad only scratches the surface of his problem, but the one thing he REALLY can't stand...

Is when people don't know how to turn left.

I'll just let him explain.


Ok. I have to get this under control.

It’s a safety issue and it’s not worth the aggravation. But if there’s one thing that drives me absolutely crazy while driving a car, it is wasting my life sitting behind people who don’t know how to make a left turn!


The proper procedure for making a left turn is to pull to the edge of the intersection, wait until there’s an opening and then turn. You don’t need an arrow. You don’t need an engraved invitation.

Tess' Note: I don't know about taking advice from dad, but if you do, please ere with caution.

All you need is a green or yellow light when you move toward the intersection. If the light turns yellow while you’re there, it doesn’t mean you wait until the next green arrow or solid green light if there’s no green arrow. It means that oncoming traffic is about to stop, and that the green light for cross traffic will be delayed for a couple of seconds so that you can complete your turn. That’s all there is to it!

I’m not admitting to being unbalanced

Tess' Note:

The other day, a cop pulled me over after I turned left from behind another car that had been sitting in front of me for two sequences of the traffic light. There was no arrow, just green, yellow and red. The driver didn’t seem to grasp the concept of moving into the intersection and completing the turn when the light turned red.

“What the hell was that?” The officer asked.

“I thought her car must have stalled,” I said. “The light went from green to yellow to red to green to yellow to red and she didn’t make a move.”

Tess' Note: Dad thinks he's got a lot of charm...he also has a lot of tickets.

“You realize that what you did is dangerous. Don’t you?”

“It was a judgment call,” I said. “I could have been seriously injured had someone broadsided the stalled car in front of me.”

“I’ll make a judgment call and not give you a ticket,” said the officer. “But you need to get the left turn thing under control.”

Tess' Note:

“I will,” I said. “Thanks.”

I probably won’t.


Now there's a bit of truth!

My grumpy dad lives in Ohio with my mom, brother and little cat Miss.Tuffsey. He enjoys reading the newspaper, yelling at the television, driving my beat-up mini van for no reason, and writing stories like this.

You can follow more adventures in his collection: "My Grumpy Dad" and remember to come back for #GrumpyMonday each week!

Do you have road rage? What's your biggest driving pet-peeve?

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