So I know I'm late with posting this and all but I just absolutely had to.


The collaboration I have been waiting for without realizing I was waiting for it!!!! It's finally happened, Jay Park + Kang Gary 엉덩이 lets get it!!!!! i can rest in peace now....*not really more collabs need to happen* But anywho, who else is with me when I say I didn't expect this new level of extreme. I mean Shower Later was something right?......>no one? It might just be my innocence acting up then... But on another side note who thought of Jay Park Joah when they saw the song title? FYI 엉덩이 doesn't not mean 'I like' okay?

This song has the feels. I mean seriously, have you ever seen a man cry so sexily like that. But again seriously this song really does bring out the feels for me. I really do feel like I should get a way from the world after a really depressing break up or what ever stress inducing situation life throws at me. Getting air is the best thing to do. Gary oppa really does now how to bring out the feels in me. I am totally even more hype for this new album and am planning to get it as soon as possible *as soon as money is available* lol

Anywho, who's seen it and enjoyed the masterpiece that is Kang Gary of LeeSSang ? Also who saw the latest Running Man episode with the TruGary Show special?

I'm addicted to TOP 오빠 and everything k팝
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