The Most Original Cosplay I've Ever Seen: Human Stargate

This so unbelievably creative and interesting to me; I feel a weird sense of satisfaction with my life now that I've seen it. Yes, I'm totally fangirling!!!! I've never seen anything like this before!!!! I've never seen someone cosplay the event horizon popping out of Stargate :D

The details are amazing: she matches her dress and hair color the liquid that is rippling just inside. The chevrons being lit, a sign that we're locked and ready to go. So beautiful! The weathering of the entire piece as well is just amazing.

The fabric, she says, is one layer silk and one layer organza which really gives it an out-of-this-world feel that's entirely appropriate for the bringing the Stargate pool to life.

I can't help but wonder where she got the idea, or what moment it was that she realized: I can be THE human version of this! I will bring the event horizon to life! No matter when it was, it's pretty damn awesome.

You can find this cosplayer on Facebook and Deviantart!

Cosplayer Ditta


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