What Constitutes Positive Representation?

... "I'll know it when I see it?"

The Marvel community is doing a great job discussing issues of representation and diversity, so it seems like a good time to open up the discussion. What is positive diversity? Is there a perfect way to depict a character from a specific group? How should we respond when it's done poorly? What if, as in the case of the Red Wolf comic, there's both progressive representation and regressive business practices?

I'm really grateful to all of the support I've gotten for my card about female representation in the media. I'm extremely grateful to@WayneWinquist@VinMcCarthy@MattK95@buddyesd@JPBenedetto@RobertMarsh and@baileykayleen for all of their thoughtful comments. I'm glad you're all here making the community a safe place to share ideas!

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