Let's, Uh, Learn Some Hipster Slang, I Guess: "Pibber/Pibby"

Miami Slang

Here's the thing though, once you read the following card, it'll no longer be any kind of Hipster slang. The Hippest Hipsters, sort of, just know when other people know about the things they know about and immediately strike it from the record.

[note: also I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who says this anyway, so...] [note #2: don't say it is what i'm trying to say.]

Today's Word of the Day: Pibber/Pibby

It's literally just a drink. Imagine pronouncing PBR (the drink of the hipster). It sounds like Pibber. Also, if you're cute you can call it a Pibby or Pibbies. It can also be used to refer to any drink that has alcohol inside of it. Jesus Christ, I'm pretty sure every time I've said this I got punched in the chest.

Examples of How to Use the Word:

Don't... I'm just kidding. Just be like, "Lemme get a pibber, dude" or "I just bought a bucket of pibbies and we're about to get all weebly." No one talks like this, what is wrong with me.

If you want a light slap across the face, make sure you use this term the next time you're in a bar.

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