Btob's Minhyuk to act with Kim So Hyun in up coming web drama

 BTOB‘s Minhyuk has been confirmed as a lead character in Kim So Hyun‘s upcoming web drama “Nightmare Teacher” (working title). Minhyuk will be acting as Sang Woo who is a second-year high school student with a strong sense of justice. The drama centers around a mysterious school where students fall for temptations as soon as they develop dreams and goals. Furthermore, Minhyuk’s character is described as being very curious and is also best friends with Kim So Hyun. Their mysterious and nightmarish teacher Han Bong Gu will be portrayed by Uhm Ki Joon. Apparently, all of the strange events occur after his arrival at the school. Fans can look forward to the BTOB member’s acting as his character is supposed to be quite similar to his real-life personality. Although he is a rapper for BTOB, Minhyuk has experience acting in MBC’s “A New Leaf” last year. Since his fellow member Yook Sungjaeacted alongside Kim So Hyun in “Who Are You: School 2015,” many are looking forward to comparing Minhyuk’s chemistry with the young actress. Looks like btob members are going into acting. First Sungjae, then Illhoon and now Minhyuk. Will look forward to this drama too, but I feel like I will be expecting to see sungjae in the drama than Minhyuk since I was use to watching Sungjae and So Hyun acting in who are you: school 2016

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