My Baby Tao πŸ’•

So let me start off by saying that I am not good at expressing myself (text wise I guess??) Now I only have 5 top biases. Sometimes I feel like they are my only biases out of all the kpop idols out there because I just love them so much. Now on to this.

Zitao Huang Tao is so amazing and I liked him before I knew what Exo even was, I just happened to see his picture while scrolling through instagram almost two years ago. When he was in Exo I only looked at him but wasn't able to notice him doing much but he was funny and cute but very girly in my opinion.

But that's okay since he's pretty as a girl Lol.

You do you Tao. But in crown Tao seemed so manly and it was like seeing a different person and it was pretty amazing. I love Tao ^-^ his music was something I never expected from him and I'm glad (don't hate me) that he left Exo because I (and many others) would have never seen this side of him. His singing voice is heavenly, I couldn't stop listening to Yesterday and One Heart. And Crown was just amazing from the mv, location, the girl to the song, the concept was pretty cool and I'd love to see Exo do something different in the future too.

And I'm excited to see him taking care of little BoXuan. But honestly Tao you don't hold a child like that Tao is such a nice guy, and I'll keep supporting him no matter what ❀

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