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As a human race there's alot of things we take for granted. All of us  do it. It takes a certain person or visual to wake us up. What's sad is that it doesn't last long. I myself have seen heard and experienced the ugly side. This life has a good and a bad side. We often turn a blind eye to the bad side. Each person has a different reason. I do it because I can't fix it. There's so much wrong and suffering. It's impossible for one person to do much. Which when I think about it makes me sad. It's terrible to see people suffering and in pain. That's why I thank God I live in a smaller city. There's alot of things in bigger cities you'd see. Homeless people hookers drug dealers etc. You can't help them all no matter how bad you want to. Some people ignore the suffering of others because they don't wanna see it. People hurting doesn't fit in their lives. So they act like its not there. These people are just imaginary. That's ridiculous. It's one of the few things I can't understand. If you see someone who needs help and you ignore them. You actually have the means to help and you don't. How can you call yourself human? In all honesty I rarely have the means to help. That doesn't stop me I'll figure out something. Like once I was tight on money. It was when I moved to Texas. I met a woman in her mid 20s whose luggage was lost. She and I talked some and I played with her toddler. She lost all of her things. So in a bus station I gave her $40 to get home. I haven't spoken to her since we parted ways. Still that's the kind of thing I want to do. I don't wanna take anything for granted. Help anyone that I can. When I open a restaurant I'll have some space in the back. So if someones having a hard time I can help them. Cook them a good meal and give them a safe place to sleep and wash up. It's sad that most people only think about others around Christmas. Everyone always says we need to think of others all year. Few do though. I'm losing hope in the human race. Once upon a time you could help someone worry free. Now everyone is either afraid to or doesn't want to be bothered. No one thinks of others all year. That's sad. It really is but that's life. We all focus on ourselves and what we want. Instead of what our fellow man needs. We selfishly take things for granted. I include myself I've taken alot for granted. I was woken up though and I hope to stay awake. We should try to help instead of being selfish. In all honesty I'm not well off. Few are nowadays. Hell sometimes I find myself needing help. I don't ask or expect it. There's few times I let someone help. It's because I don't wanna bother someone else. I know alot more people need help more than I do. I can help myself you focus on someone worse off.

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