Giants Cut WR Parker In An Effort To Make An Early Season Statement

Lets just be honest: The Giants didn't play well the first two games of the season.

Rather than act like everything will fix itself with time, the Giants made a statement to the players by releasing wide out Preston Parker this morning.

Tough times to be a Giant.


With the release of Parker, the Giants let it be known that poor play won't be tolerated for the rest of the year.

Parker dropped five passes in the team's first two games. His lack of focus in pivotal moments played a key factor in the teams 0-2 start. With that being said, he was one of many players that haven't played up to par in the early part of the season.

When asked whether Parker was cut to send a message about unacceptable performance, Coughlin said, "I'll leave that up to you."

Not a big fan of letting players go mid-season, but his release may be just the spark the Giants needed. Unlike previous seasons, this team isn't loaded with talent across the board. A lack of focus on the field has proven to be costly.

Coughlin made a key statement with the release of Parker: Perform or be prepared to be shipped out.

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