3 Cats That Get Your Season-Change Sickness

When the seasons change, people get sick. Now that fall is coming, so are the colds. Here are a few little creatures that can understand your struggle.


A cat would make things so much better right now. Imagine if a little cat came up in a little cat-sized ambulance with everything you need to survive. Cough syrup, orange juice, more blankets, and ice cream!

Ah...just a dream I suppose. Just head back to your bad youtube videos and coughing attacks that go unheard by everyone...because you're an adult. And you're "responsible."


It sucks getting sick as an adult because there's nobody to take care of you!

Ugh. If I need medicine, I have to put on pants and go find some. And also, there's so much responsibility! It's not just one day of school we're talking about. It's work, your reputation! So much pressure! Ahh, anyway most people think health comes before work, so don't feel guilty when you need a day in your bed.

Plus it's much better to get healthy, than to give everyone in the office what you have! Right?

It's funny, when you're sick you sometimes act like you'll never be seen again.

"Wish me luck, dear friends!"

Cause, you have to take care of yourself, and like...sometimes you don't know what to do. It's okay though, because these little cats feel your pain. If you're feeling under the weather don't fret. Rest, Orange Juice and some over-the-counter medicine will do the trick. If you're feeling extra bad, don't hesitate to visit the doctor! Good luck, and if you're feeling the weather change sickness stay positive. It'll be over soon!


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