[Level7 Civil Servent] LIVE RECAP EP8

It airs at 10 pm on Wednesday & Thursday, 14th of February. See you then everyone ^.^ *Vietnamese live recap :http://www.vingle.net/posts/109733 Wow...what happens to me...i just woke up right now.... ......................................................................................... Anyway i will start..as soon as possible..sorry.... GL: I'm sorry it was my mistake... Do not change your phone number...and even do not move anywhere... When DH is watching this,,,he feels disappointed because long time ago, she says that you're really good friend to me.. i think this is good in here about our relationship. SW: Whose car run you over ? anyway we have to drop by the hospital. GL: Before the hospital, i'm hungry.. SW: Then why don't you eat something in my home? GL: What about your parents? SW thinks that her parents are going to play hwatu. Sweet time between two. Like picking new clothes, following their saying. Sweet Sweet ^.^ The boss of SW is worried that whether SW really likes GL, not operation... Actually her boss plans to put GL around his father because if someone observes him, he doubts but GL who is his son, he is never doubtful. GL and SW are in GL's car. GL: I want to travel with you... SW: What ? Man's mind is all the same. After holding hands...they want to hug..and then want to travel. GL: Hmmm SW: But before the travel, we have to visit your parents. GL feels little uncomfortable because of his father. In the cafeteria. GL says that we will never fight from now on because actually i doubts your heart but now i know. SW: If we fight in the future,,, my mind to you is serious. After saying this....they have an argument related driving. GL's father and ML. He decided to accpet her suggestion a condition that you never touch my son. GL and SW make a reconciliation. GL: If i quarrel with you like such a small thing,... SW: If i quarrel with you like such a small thing, what? Break up? tell me GL: No....you would not rather you like me. SW: Sorry...you can get angry with me. GL: If i open the car's door for you, it means i will never do it again..i'm sorry. SW: Then if i take a car with say nothing, it means there is no misunderstanding... SW and GL make a reconciliation. kkk In her house, her parents discuss how to be their village become a environment village. maybe to get Anyway she reminds her parents that her name is jung won, not kyeong ja. In her office, their co workers doubts relationship between ML and JJ. SW notices that ML was with JJ. Boss: Why don't you be close with ML? Way to go. GL's mother and GL GL: Today, i want to introduce someone to you. GL's mother : What??? what it means? What is your chinese zodiac sign? She has to be the attributes of (one born in the year of) the Tiger. (She believes superstition related zodiac sign) But his father is cold about that and suggests him that go abroad for several months. The civil servant detects a movement of ML and GL's father. While detecting their movements, Oh director wants DH to follow his order. A year ago, Oh director saved his life once so he wants to get information related GL becuase other bosses keep secrets from him. GL runs into GL's father by chance in food store. His father rather get angry to protect him. Someone shoot the gun aiming DH. But there is no one who he is waiting. In WS's home. He found that there is cigaratte in his daughter's bag. He feels betrayed... GL send a message including the way of parking becasue a few days ago, they have a qurrel with the problem of parking. GL visits SW's parents ...but her parents doesn't come up to their expectations. (You know that there was a problem with GL and her parents) But he hands out the report that shows the way of becoming his village with environmental village and getting subsist from the government. After this, they are really welcome to GL. In front of her house, DH comes out to her. He hands the gun to her and hears that we're revealed already so we have to be armed.. be careful.. DH: And then GL is your subject related to work, not loved one. and do not like that? SW: What? DH: Like this, ( he hugs her) But GL sees this scene.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish

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