DIY canvas photos

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For this project, you will need:

-- Photos (you can print them out at home or go to a drugstore to print them)

-- Mod Podge

-- Sponge brush or paint brush

-- Canvases

-- Black paint (optional)

-- Clear sealant spray (optional)

Paint the edges of the canvases (optional)

This step is completely optional. If you want, paint the edges of the canvas with the black (or any color) paint, and let the paint completely dry.

Paint on the Mod Podge

Use the sponge brush or a normal paint brush to cover the canvas completely in Mod Podge — don't skimp on the amount, you need a pretty good amount for the pictures to stay stuck to the canvases.

Lay on the photos

Make sure the photos are centered and place them on the canvas with the Mod Podge. Let the Mod Podge completely dry. Then, cut around the photo to remove all of the edges that are sticking out beyond the canvas. You can spray a layer of clear sealant spray on the photo after the Mod Podge has dried to give the pictures a glossier finish.

Step back and admire your DIY project, knowing your spent way less money than most people do for the same product!

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