STREET FOOD KOREA: Black Rice Hotteok (흑미호떡)

We try some 흑미호떡 (Heuk-mi Hotteok), which is Black Rice Hotteok. Hotteok is sort of like a flattened pancake that is usually filled with cinnamon, honey, or other interesting types of fillings.

This hotteok was particularly cool because it wasn't deep fried, it was baked! Sometimes hotteok can be too greasy and hot, but the baked version is light, cool, and easy to eat. Because it wasn't deep fried, it was able to cool down fast, and not burn our mouths.

This street food vendor usually sells 2 types of hotteok, Black Rice (sometimes called purple rice) and Green Tea. Marie had asked for 1 of each and the lady just gave us 2 Black Rice. She didn't try to even correct our order by saying there's no Green Tea available.

Anyway, the Green Tea hotteok is only available in the winter.

It was 1,000 Won each, which is less than $1.00 USD.

If you are in Seoul and in Namdaemun Market, this is a cheap and light snack worth trying!!! ^^

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