Celebrity Inspiration To Get You Swimsuit Ready For Next Summer

Summertime is officially over.

That just means, it's time to get in shape for next summer. We all know the fall is filled with endless pumpkin spice lattes and the winter is all about the egg nog, but that doesn't mean that you body can't be summertime fine within the next eight months tops.


Rihanna never seems to disappoint, so how could she disappoint in a bikini?

Our favorite Jenner. Oh Kylie. You are definitely stealing that Kardashian spotlight.

Okay, maybe I spoke too soon. This Kardashian and mother of three looks amazing.

Speaking of mothers, Britney Spears looks great.

Lindsay might be back and better than ever this time. Let's hope so.

This pretty little liar is definitely telling no lies in that swimsuit.

And of course, I had to save the best for last. Queen B herself. She woke up like that.


Hopefully these images leave you as much inspiration as they left me.

Next summer it is on and poppin'. Time to get swimsuit ready.

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