Andrew Garfield reveals "I am not OK."

Andrew Garfield feels lost.

It's amazing how much can change in this celebrity's life after just one year. Months ago, it was announced that Andrew Garfield would not be returning to his extremely successful role as Spiderman, a role he deeply admired, "To be honest, taking Spider-Man felt like I was taking control of my path, in a weird way," he told USA Today. "I always wanted to be that character since I was 3 years old. That was absolutely part of my path."

Garfield has been forced to make the best out of his situation, taking on roles that are far from the action packed superhero movies his fans fell in love with. He'll be starring in "99 Homes" at the Cannes Film Festival opening Friday in New York and Oct. 2 in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Washington. The movie will expand to 50 cities by Oct. 9. He also just finished "Silence" in Taiwan with an expected release in 2016.

Amazingly, two weeks ago he had a run in with two shutterbugs, or enthusiastically amateur paparazzi photographers. By simply asking them "Please don't," the photographers respected his wishes and didn't take pictures leaving it as "a very beautiful compassionate loving place". Garfield noted, "I speak to a lot of them whenever I get the opportunity," while graciously mentioning how much he respected them for respecting him,"We had a hug and they drove off."

He doesn't want paparazzi surrounding him. He just wants to get back to his roots in England. I think the celebrity world is making him lose his normality.

Garfield's relationship with the public has been rocky partly because they bombard him about his exclusive-yet-not so exclusive relationship with Emma Stone, "Having a relationship with the public is very confusing to me, maybe as an English person because I can't do the — I'm not very good at the Twitter," he says. "I really struggle with (promotion). I really want my work to be seen. I want people to see work I do, that's important to me. Because that feels like the best representation of who I am."

And don't get him started on his follower-following ratio, "This idea of campaigning and getting followers and being liked — I'm a mess. Like everybody else, I'm just struggling through trying to make sense of this weirdness we're all in, the weirdness of being alive."

Telling USA Today, he had a culture shock in the United States when he landed in the airport after being isolated in Taiwanese wilderness for his movie, "Silence". The celebrity magazine where gorgeously photoshopped people on the covers didn't sit well with him. He hinted at self-image problems, "I have panic attacks when I see the perfection that's on the cover. And I've been on those magazine covers — and it's only the 'best' photo, of course, they use."

At the end of the day, "I'm not OK. I am not OK. That feels really good to say to you. I'm really not all right. I'm in the struggle of being a person. I haven't got anything figured out."

I feel like he's so relatable, agreed?

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