Watch This ‘The Voice’ Contestant Crush A Cover Of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

I'm not a big fan of the majority of shows on television, but my friends are converting me over to the show "The Voice."

Word on the street is that the show has the same feel that American Idol did when it first graced the scene, so I had to give it a go this week for the premiere. While I wasn't impressed with too many of the guests on the show, one contestant put an unforgettable performance in front of a live studio audience.

The contestant, Jordan Smith, absolutely nailed it with a high pitch voice that blew away everyone who appeared on night one.

As the judges turned around, you could see how surprised they were (due to the levels of the vocals on the song) that Jordan was a man.

For those who missed the performance, feel free to catch the song above.


I must admit, Jordan was amazing last night!

The song was full of emotion, you could tell Jordan put it all out there during the performance.

Good luck to Jordan. I can't wait to see the next episode!

Christian is a member of the SNICK generation who misses the days of Pete and Pete and is a loyal advocate of backpack rap.
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