Virtual Reality Grows Ever.... Realer

There are a bunch of companies, both big and small, old and new trying desperately to develop the definitive virtual reality (VR) device. VR has been a huge talking point for industry leaders in videogames and other entertainment mediums for roughly the past two years. Everybody is trying to get it on it.

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Generally speaking, the focus for all of those headsets mentioned is gaming. Specifically for Microsoft, Sony, Oculus, and Valve, their intention is revolutionize gaming at large. And it's likely that it will. There are currently hundreds of apps and games compatible with the various VR sets, and just wait until AAA gaming gets their hands and money into it.

That's just gaming, though. And while I'm stoked about it, I'm also stoked about some news for the future of cinematic VR.


Jaunt is only a fledgling startup at two years old, but they are aiming to provide the definitive lead in 'cinematic' VR, so specifically film and television media. The funding from Disney is awesome, and it shows that the entertainment giant is eager to be on the forefront of the VR movement.

Because Disney is also owner of ESPN and Marvel, it could mean intirguing new ways to consume media content. Imagine watching the football game in virtual reality, or watching the Avengers kick ass right in front of you, better than any 3D that exists? (eh,@shannonl5?)

All I know is that I'm excited to see what this technology can be, can do. It'll be a lot sooner than we think, too.

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