Lee Da Hae Training Hard For "Iris 2"

Actress Lee Da Hae is training really hard to live up to her role in “IRIS 2.” New pictures of the actress in the middle of working out have been released on February 6th. In the pictures, she is showing her great ability to stretch in different poses and stretching methods; after being trained to increase her strength, flexibility and to reduce chances of injuries that might happen due to her action scenes. A representative from her agency commented, “She has been intensively training for her role in 'IRIS 2'. It sometimes worry us that she is doing too much, but she does it with no complain. She originally was very fit, therefore she is adjusting really well.” She is also got praises for being surprisingly good at shooting, even surpassing her co-star Jang Hyuk. In “IRIS 2” the actress will play Ji Soo Yeon, a gold medalist in pistol shooting, who enters the NSS as an elite agent to bring down IRIS.

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