Dream superstitions of relationship

(Korea does have superstitions regarding to specific types of dreams)

Source: kpopkfans

1) Being late to school or workplace

This dream means that you'll soon have a chance to date someone

2) Putting makeup roughly and yet looking pretty

This dream means that you'll soon have a chance to appeal your charm to the person. It symbolizes that you can be a couple.


3) Getting beat up harshly

This dream means that the person who is beating you up in the dream is interested in you.

4) Grabbing hair and fighting

This dream means that the person you're fighting with will end up as your lover.

5) Bathing in a tub

Bathing dreams mean that your 'relationship luck' is increasing.


6) Dancing joyfully in a ball

Dancing dreams mean that you'll soon fall in love. If you're dancing with someone, it means that the person is interested in you.

7) Cheating

Cheating dreams means that you have a high chance of succeeding if you show strong sex appeal to the person you're interested in.

8) Picking fruit

If there's a fruit tree in your dream, you must pick blue or yellow fruits. If you do, your blind date will succeed. If you pick fruits of other colors, your blind date will be cancelled.

Instiz: Believe it or not, eight dreams that will lead to a 'real relationship'

- I've dreamed the first one countless times but I never dated anyone ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- But the third dream will piss me off

- Oh... I've never dreamed any of these

- No wonder why I never have a boyfriend

- I dreamed the first and the seventh ones and I got a boyfriend for real! I got a boyfriend right after I dreamed the seventh dream.

- What if I rarely have dreams?

- I dreamed of being late and I ended up being late to school ㅋㅋㅋ

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