[TT] MOST Violent Anime Character

I chose Kanako or the spider woman from the 1987 thriller Wicked City.

after 3 months of meeting at a bar with lead character Taki, she finally takes him home. and after a few hours in the throws, she tries to eat him alive!

turns out she is this crazy demon spider lady with a vagina dentata (Latinfortoothedvagina)!


she tries to kill Taki and his detective partner Makie by spinning them in her web to keep them from propagating life between the human and demon world. the last thing they hear from this crazy spider is, "I'm going to cut you into pieces so small it'll take an eternity to find them!" as she slashes at them with her poisonous spider talons before being electrocuted.

I'd say this crazy demon spider is in the running as a sexually diviant and violent character@rosepark

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