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Hey, come here for a sec so I can tell you a little about what has made me happy :)



When I got into K-Pop, it was nothing but just a music genre to me. I listened to K-Pop everyday more than American Pop but either way it wasn't as important to me.

By the time Sophomore year came in High School, my 6-7 friendship split due to insecurities. My mom stopped liking her since that friend was becoming a hypocrite and basically shut me out when she was around other friends. Everything my mom told me got into my head which ended up with a broken friendship. Since we always had our backs and always messaged each other, I grew lonelier. Yes, I had other friends but they were always too busy for me.


It went to the point that I decided to become an admin on an EXO fan page where I met wonderful people! In fact, I became close with one person who basically changed my world. I felt less lonely and despite that we lived states away, we always had our backs. Other admins envied our friendship since it bloomed beautifully.

At that time, my ex-friend was long forgotten and I was feeling more relieved and what was better is that I met someone who I can relate the most with and shared a bunch of beautiful moments, either it was through Facebook or Skype.


As Junior year was ending, we started shifting away. Once again, I was left lonely...


I began to have anger problems. I would hit and yell at my little brother to my heart's content. He didn't deserve anything that I did to him but I've held in so much remorse that I had no other way to release my inner thoughts and sentiments.


I've finally met the family that I needed!always smile!


And I want to thank you all for sharing and including me on everything that you guys have in mind. I'm always feeling loved and I too want to share my love to you all.

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