Modern Mixtape: Marvel Style

One of my favorite Vinglers@InPlainSight tagged me in this amazing modern mixtape challenge and I'm going for it! But I asked myself... who do I know that *really* needs a modern mixtape?

Steve Rogers!

Poor guy missed a lot while he was unconscious in the ice for almost 70 years. And I feel like Sam Wilson would totally end up making him a mix tape to help him catch up. So here's what would be on it:

Stevie Wonder- Superstition

Such a great song. Thanks to@AimeeH for getting Stevie stuck in my head!

Velvet Underground- Pale Blue Eyes

Sometimes it genuinely astounds me that there's an entire genre of music that Steve Rogers missed. I actually used this in a Captain America podfic a little while back, and it's probably always going to remind me of him now.

Eartha Kitt- C'est si bon

Mostly because Eartha Kitt is one of my favorite people in the entire world. She's amazing!

Nina Simone- Sinnerman

This song is amazing. Nina Simone is incredible.

Lana Del Rey- Brooklyn Baby

This one is mostly for fun. Poor Steve, he probably didn't expect Brooklyn to change as much as it did.


Aww buddy. I hope Frozen doesn't freak you out!

Thanks for tagging me in this challenge! Sorry it took a couple days. <3

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