Modern Day Mixtape!

This is a challenge by@InPlainSight but I was tagged by@ButterflyBlu.

I've actually never made a mixtape so if my selection is pretty bad just understand that it's my first time. I chose 5 songs that gave me the most Goosebumps (the good ones). I've always been a guy who enjoys good music, not liking music just because they're catchy or popular etc.

So here goes nothing~

A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz

Since the beginning I've been a fan of this guy. I cannot explain what I feel but I like it.

You were my life - Warren Dean Flandez

This song's the one that gives me the most goosebumps. I'm korean so I love Karaoke, and we are always looking for songs to sing and I always try this one and, obviously, fail miserably but I still enjoy screaming like crazy.

Thank You - Dido

I've always been a fan of Dido. One of my favorite songs even today. Her voice is so soothing and gentle.

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

You have to admit this is one of the best songs (might be just personal opinion) that has come out nowadays. I'm not really into Idols, pop and even though I'm korean I really don't like K-pop (please put your torches down).

Ordinary People - John Legend

Now everybody knows that I'm a sucker for romantic songs judge me all you want I won't stop :D But John Legends songs are great, I haven't met anybody who said they didn't like his music so far.

Well, there it is, I hope my taste in music is not too bad :S Really enjoyed the challenge with all these songs, it takes me back.

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