DIY marbled dishes

A Beautiful Mess


For this project, you will need:

-- White, black and colored oven-baked clay

-- Plastic knife

-- Small bowl

-- Gold ceramic paint

-- Small paint brush

-- Rolling pin

-- Ceramic glaze (optional)

You can find the clay, paint and ceramic glaze at a craft store.

Marble the clay

Cut pieces of each of the color of clay and twist them together like shown in the pictures above. After you have twisted the clay colors together, roll the clay into a small ball.

Roll out the marbled clay

Use the rolling pin to roll out the ball of clay. Use a jar or round object to cut the clay into a circle as shown in the pictures.

Form and bake the clay

Put the clay in the small bowl to form it into a dish form. Bake the clay in the bowl in the oven according to the directions on the clay packaging. Let the clay completely cool after you remove it from the oven. Then, use the gold clay paint to paint the edges of the dishes gold to add some more flair to the dishes.

Use your beautiful marbled dishes to hold your favorite jewelry!

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