My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox

(Photo credit: A spoiled rich boy accidentally frees a nine-tailed fox from where a goddess trapped her and then must take care of her. At first terrified and resentful, he slowly grows to care for his gumiho girlfriend. This drama sucked me in. I started watching and had to force myself to sleep. I carried it with me on my tablet from room-to-room and chore-to-chore. I watched all 16 episodes in 4-5 days, and I worked 12 hour shifts every one of those days. It made me laugh, get so frustrated I wanted to throw my tablet, cry, and cheer. It was light-hearted and enjoyable from start to finish.

(Photo credit: Lee Seung Gi stars as Cha Dae Woong, the ne'er-do-well grandson of a very endearing old man. His grandfather just wants to see him make something of himself, but Cha Dae Woong keeps physically running away. Lee Seung Gi played this character very well. His selfishness for 2/3 of this show made me want to throw something at the screen. Then he'd smile, and that darn dimple of his would make me forgive all his character's wrongs. Darn that dimple! In the end, Lee Seung Gi played this character so well that I cried for him and desperately kept waiting for a plot twist that would make it all better. Thankfully the writers weren't cruel and gave their audience closure with a smile and a laugh.

(Photo credit: Shin Min A plays MiHo, the nine-tailed fox. She is an innocent lost in a world that has changed drastically in the five hundred years since she was trapped. She saves the man who freed her by giving him a piece of her life force. She then must stay with him to protect it and make certain he doesn't do anything that will hurt it or her. She's the penultimate carnivore who spends much of her time threatening Cha Dae Woong unless he feeds her. Ultimately, she falls for him, and her desire to be someone he can love leads her to make a drastic, dangerous decision. I have to admit that before this show, I did not get Shin Min A. When I heard that she and Kim Woo Bin are dating, I just shook my head. Now, I totally get it. She was so funny and endearing in this show. I just wanted everything to work out for her and found myself wanting to smack Cha Dae Woong when he played on her innocence and Park Dong Joo when he misled her for his own agenda. She played this role so well that I think I'll always believe she is, in fact, at least part gumiho.

(Photo credits:;; No Min Woo plays Park Dong Joo. An immortal who lost his love some hundreds (thousands?) of years before, Park Dong Joo hunts supernatural beings who wreak havoc on mortals. Based on his occupation, one might think that he has a thing for mortals. One would be wrong. Park Dong Joo has spent his years removed from humanity, skirting their boundaries and learning about them through media and observation. He has not formed a very good opinion of mankind, and when he finds a mischievous gumiho attached to a selfish young human, his total lack of faith in the man leads Park Dong Joo to put events into motion that even he cannot stop. The character of Park Dong Joo is tormented and lonely. No Min Woo played him so well and so enigmatically that I couldn't always guess the character's end game. There were times I rooted for him and times I was so angry that he was interfering. His character's emotional vulnerability at the end came across as genuine. I both hated him and wanted to cry for him. And, can we just discuss No Min Woo for a minute? Stunning. Usually when I use the word "stunning," I mean hot, but No Min Woo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho truly stunned. I saw him in My Unfortunate Boyfriend and just didn't get it. I saw him in an article about men who looked better in historical wigs. It said his stylists in his modern dramas had done him disservices. This stylist should be held up on high. Every time No Min Woo came on the screen, it took my brain a moment to get past just how amazing he looked; he literally stunned me. Before this drama, I thought "stunning" was just another word for pretty. Boy, was I wrong.

(Photo credit: Park Soo Jin plays bad girl Eun Hye In so well that had I seen My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox before BoF, I would have hated her BoF character no matter how nice she was.

(Photo credits:; Kim Ho Chang plays Cha Dae Woong's best friend Kim Byeong Soo, and Hyomin plays Dae Woong's friend Ban Sun Nyeo. Together these two formed the most adorable unrequited love triangle (?) ever. She loved Cha Dae Woong. Kim Byeong Soo loved her. I couldn't help but root for them to get together.

(Photo credit: yan.vm) I wish the character that Byun Hee Bong played, Cha Poong, could be my grandpa. He was so cute, and no matter what his family did, he just wanted the best for them. The melodramatic antics he went through to manipulate his family for their own good were hilarious, and the relationship he developed with Minho was really sweet. He was one of my favorite parts of this drama.

(Photo credits: Song Dong Il plays Ban Doo Hong, the father of Hyomin's Ban Sun Nyeo, and the incredibly quirky love interest of Yun Yoo Sun's character Cha Min Sook. Cha Min Sook is Cha Dae Woong's accident prone aunt, and Ban Doo Hong is her eccentric white knight. Every time she truly foibles, he rushes in and saves her. Their love story is ridiculous and humorous. If ever the drama gets too heavy, these two are certain to supply a giggle.

(Photo credit: I really loved this show. It took me on an emotional roller coaster ride that involved big laughs and heartfelt tears. I was completely sucked into it, and it delivered a satisfying ending.

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