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So this is for@B1A4BTS5ever I'm sorry it's late... And these days I'm pretty down but I'll try making others more happier. So in this imagine Taehyung doesn't come out till then end and you guys will know why later.

"Come on! The group is almost here!" Amber shrieked as we made our way to the Stage. Amber and I are friends and we work as inspectors. We check out upcoming groups and make sure they have everything good just before they record their debuting song and we don't work for just one company so we're usually all around. Then usually we take them out so they can either get to know us better, and we can give them advice. Today we were checking out Day6. (I know they have debuted already but Shh). We made our way to meet towards the boys, and we were both excited. As we got there the boys were warming up and instantly straightened up when they saw us coming. We greeted each other and soon they started their session and sang their debuting song, 'Congratulations'. ... "You guys were perfect!" I exclaimed as we went into the restaurant. "Yeah, I agree!" Amber said with a huge smile. The boys said their thank you's and soon we were ordering. I got a call and I saw that it was from V. I wanted to pick up but knew that it was rude to talk on the phone when you're with friends so I had to decline and texted him, 'I can't talk right now. I'm busy.' He responded with a, 'Okay Jagi. I love you.' 'I love you too' I responded. "Yeah I agree." Amber said with a huge smile. ... "Okay guys well this is where we part. I had fun with you all and don't worry you guys were great and you already have a fan" I said smiling. "Can I have a hug?" Jae said looking down really shy. "Sure." I said and hugged him. "Well, I'll see you guys later!" I said as I walked towards my car. **the next day** "I'm going to be late!" I yelled as I went into the BigHit building. When I got there, I was given glares. I was used to them, but this time they were menacing. I decided to ignore them and ran into the room where my boyfriend was in. I saw Taehyungs' back and immediately back hugged him. "I'm Sorry I came late! Its just that-" he cut me off when he pried my arms off of him. I was shocked and looked at him as he turned and faced me. I only saw hatred in his eyes. "What's wrong?" I said. "We know you cheated Stephanie. How could you? I thought you were different." Taehyung responded looking away. "Where did you hear that?" I said trying not to cry. "Its all over the internet! You couldn't pick up the fucking phone and answer me because you were hanging out with another guy. And this picture proves it. So you were busy with another guy huh?" He showed me a picture of where Jae and I hugged. I looked up at him and then his members. They all had the, 'we hate you face.' The face that made me realize something, they believe strangers than their own friend. The urge to cry now left, all that was left was the urge to punch something or someone. "You think I cheated on you? I'm sorry but who's the one that has always told me not to believe the internet? Look at you. Oh baby. Believe them all you want then. Believe others not me. Clearly NONE of you know me. If you did, then you would know that I am not capable of such things. And anyways, I was busy. But I was busy with FRIENDS. So this is how we end? You believing a stupid lie. Tsk Tsk." I looked down and chuckled moving my head side to side. I looked up and made eye contact with each and every one of the members. Their eyes softened and some even tried to come closer to me but stopped when I raised my hand. "Congratulations guys. You all broke my heart." And I walked away leaving the past in the past with just a few tears coming out.

Should I make a part two? I don't know if I should. Oh and Please look forward to a fanfic I'm writing! Its an amber Liu fanfic! @CrystalBlunt]

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