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This prompt is, It's raining and you don't have an umbrella. You're freaking out until...

As I looked up to the sky, I noticed the cloud coverage. ‘My goodness that is strange; I did not know that it was supposed to rain.’ I shook off the clouds and decided that I would still have time to make it home safely; before the storm hit. An older couple that I was friends with was beside me waiting on the bus to show up. They were so cute and all I could picture was how I wanted that to happen to me, when the time was right.

Being a little kid at heart, I skipped and jumped in the small puddles that were left over from the storm before. I heard a guy laughing, but I did not think anything of it at the time. With every missed step and water splashing, this particular voice carried. His laughter was one that had the greatest ambiance to it. This was one of those situations, where I tried to shake it off, but that laughter was so soothing. I finally met eyes with the guy laughing and I just stood there frozen; like the whole world stopped moving except for him and me. He had the prettiest eyes to go along with the laughter. This was my first time seeing him and it honestly felt like a dream. I wanted so much to talk to him, but I was immobilized.

‘Sometime soon’, I thought to myself. We met eyes, and he smiled at me; with the sweetest smile, I had ever seen. I wondered how his smile could be so contagious; but one thing was sure, he was contagious. He laughed at my unique personality and I really liked that about him. I hoped that he would grow to accept my quirks when and if we start dating. The bus started approaching, and out of habit, I helped the elderly lady up off the bench. As it pulled up in front of the stop, I picked up her bag and helped the couple to the bus. She turned and kissed me on the forehead as we said our good byes. Her husband waved to me and I gave a smile saying, “I will see you both tomorrow! Have a good night.”

The guy smiled at me while he got on the bus, so I returned it. I started walking down the street noticing kids playing in the park. Still mesmerized from earlier, I had not noticed that the rain was coming sooner than I thought. Suddenly, a huge thunderclap made me jump and freak a little. Rain did not bother me one bit, but lighting and thunder terrified me. I ran back to the bus stop to wait out the rain, since my home was farther than the stop. Like a dummy, I was not prepared for a storm.

‘Gosh, maybe I should have taken the bus.’ I thought to myself as I held my hands over my ears hoping to drown out the sound. The wind picked up and I was being hit with the rain. The inside corner was the only place I could sit without getting wet. I curled up in a half ball and laid my head on my knees. Hours had passed as I dozed off. I woke up and there was an umbrella shielding me from the rain, which was not there before. As I picked it up and looked around, no one was there. ‘This is strange. Who do you belong to?’ I began to ponder. Looking for any sign of the owner of the umbrella, name written on the bottom, anything, to give me an idea. As I stood up, my knees were sore from being bent. Nightfall started approaching, so I headed home. Still floored as to how an umbrella showed up out of nowhere, I figured only time would tell me the answers I was seeking. Finally, I approached my home and walked in the door. My sister was there cooking, even though I was usually the chef. She looked up at me and smiled. I waved to her and set my things down.

“Where did you get the umbrella sis?”

“I honestly have no idea. I would have been home earlier, but it started storming”, I replied as I began setting the table for us.

“Oh my gosh are you okay? I know how much storms scare you.”

Taking a sip of my drink I responded, “Yeah surprisingly I didn’t feel alone. I do not know how to explain it actually. I fell asleep in the corner of the stop and when I awoke, the umbrella was shielding me from the rain.”

Sondra looked at me as if I had a lightbulb dim, and just smiled. Her hand raised to my forehead as she said, “Well, you aren’t running a fever. You sure you didn’t hit your head somehow?”

“Shush”, I said swatting her hand away laughing, “You aren’t funny. I am being serious.”

“Okay, let’s eat. I will decide later if I have to take you to the doctor”, she laughed at her own statement, which made me shake my head in discontent.

We finished eating and just laughed about our days. It had been years since we lived with one another, but I was so happy she moved in with me. I really missed her presence. Regardless if she drove me bonkers, I loved spending time with her. Since she cooked, I decided to do the dishes to help her out.

“Where is my niece at?” I asked looking around.

“She is with her friends tonight; she won’t be home until tomorrow evening.”

“Ah okay, I just noticed it was eerily quiet without her. I am meeting the Jones’ again tomorrow; they need help with shopping, so I offered to help them.”

“Are they the couple that sees you as their granddaughter?”

A smile came across my face as I nodded my head to my sister, “Yes, they are the cutest couple. I want to find someone like that. It would definitely be a blessing. You should have seen the way they looked at each other. Whenever you have time, you should come with me one day.”

“Okay, I don’t know when my next off day will be, but we will see.”

I nodded at her statement when we decided to watch movies. The day was tiring, after all. She went and grabbed two pillows and blankets so we could fall asleep. Before I laid my head down, I set my alarm so I could get up early and leave.

Morning approached earlier than I had hoped, but I fixed coffee and started to make breakfast. The smell of food woke Sondra up, so she got ready for her job. We finished our breakfast, so it was my turn to get ready for the day. I hugged her goodbye and gave her the keys to my car. I finished getting ready and grabbed my things, including the mysterious umbrella. The birds were active today and it brought an unusual smile across my face. A few blocks covered, when suddenly I noticed the guy from the day before. I sat down on the bench awaiting the Jones family. The feeling of someone looking at me, made me meet eyes with the guy. We exchanged smiles, which was when I noticed that his eyes smiled. That instantly made my heart skip beats. He sat down beside me looking forward. He made me nervous just being there, but his presence was as if he had been beside me before.

“You’re really quiet,” he muttered never turning his head.


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