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I wasn't tagged but I still wanted to do it. :) Full Name: Yesenia Lira Favorite K-pop Group: B.A.P, BIGBANG, BTS, VIXX, FTISLAND, are the mains but I love a whole lot of other groups. Where I live: Central TEXAS What I want to be when I get older: Well I'm already 21 ^^ .. I already have my associates degree in teaching. But I'm actually gonna start college again to be a registered nurse. Favorite Food: Well since I'm Hispanic, anything my daddy makes especially carne asada.! I absolutely love arroz con carne that my mom makes. :p but I love Whataburger and I love McDonald's :) Hobbies huh.. : Hmm. Listening to K-pop.... I used to draw when I was younger but I lost my creative punch :/ Oh I watch anime once in awhile and also read magna once in awhile too... but I mostly watch Kdramas.. Jdramas.. Tdramas too :) I love watching Running Man.! 3 Likes: K-pop, I love looking at the clouds, and my family. Oh and SMILE's 3 Dislikes: Dishonesty. Rude people. and Bullying. Something about me : I'm an only child.. so it's kinda lonely. I'm a very shy person. but vingle is helping me a bit... to get out of my lonely persona. I get the courage to comment on cards of my fellow vinglers that I do not know. I have one K-pop best friend. I met her on a app called Quizup around October of last year. I got into K-pop because of Ryan Higa and Jay Park. Yongguk is Bae and G-Dragon is Husband. Instagram, Twitter, Kakao Talk, Kik : y3ssi12_94 Kakao ID: YESSii2012

I'm a Texas Born and Raised '94 BABy. I love kpop.ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ **All the pictures I post on here are not mine and they belong to their rightful owners.
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