Stunning Photos of Last Night's Super Blood Moon

Did you miss the cataclysmic coincidence of astronomical events last night? I did, sadly, so I had to check out the photos this morning. But they're so awesome, I had to share!!

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Now that we're all educated, let's check out those awesome photos from around the world!!

The GuardianThe Telegraph

Glastonbury, England

Photo by Matt Cardy

Cairo, Egypt

Photo by Amr Abdallah

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo by Mario Tama

Brighton, England

Photo by Toby Melville

Brighton, England

Photo by Jordan Mansfield

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo by Fabio Teixeira

Strong City, Kansas, USA

Photo by Travis Heying

Las Vegas, USA

Photo by Reuters

West Kirby, England

Photo by Russ McNally

Cologne, Germany

Photo by EPA

Pretty amazing, huh?

It's not every day you get to witness a once-in-a-generation super blood moon! :D

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