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Full name: Jacquelyn Louise Szewczyk Favorite group: Super Junior and SNSD Where do I live: Michigan, USA What i want to be when I grow up: I really want to be a kpop singer. I'm not Asian at all but it's my dream. I also really want to be on Broadway and do musicals. Favorite food: Sushi Hobbies: playing piano, singing, tumblr, watching dramas and anime 3 likes: all the kpop vinglers, Steven universe, unicorns (I tried to do things I didn't mention) 3 dislikes: a lot of people from my high school, can't really think of more. something about me: I'm really interested in fortune telling (I do tarot cards) and learning about myself from my mbti (I'm an INFJ) and my horoscope (Aquarius).

I was tagged by@B1A4BTS5ever and I need the master taggers to help me out lol.

Jackie tumblr: twitter/insta: szewwy kpop lover, singer, theatre major, INFJ
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