Getting To Know Me

I was tagged by@B1A4BTS5ever lol

*Full Name*

Arisa Renee Rodriguez


*Favorite Kpop Group*

BTS and Big Bang of course!!

*Where do you live*



*What do you want to be when you grow up*

I really want to be a crime scene investigator. For as long as I could remember this has been my dream career. I'm even in college studying for it as now.


*Favorite food*

I really don't have one. I'll eat anything as long as its not fish.




-hanging out with friends and family





-my family

-being lazy which is something I hardly ever get a chance to do

-hanging out with friends

* 3 Dislikes*


-people who think their better than others

-people who brag too much


*Something about me*

I'm a 21 year old college student with a big family. I'm mexican and am in love with kpop. I'm really shy and quiet but once you get to know me I turn into a loud goofball. I'm really nice and kpop is my life basic

I don't really know who else to tag. I think everyone already has done this but anyone who hasn't feel free to do otherwise. Don't be shy!!!1

Just a girl who loves kpop and maybe just a little crazy about Jin and suga from BTS. Multi fandom!
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