Get to know me challenge ;p

Ok lets start.

My name is Jessica Dillon. but I like to be called Jessie.

Favorite kpop band? .Super Junior .Big Bang .Vixx .Shinee .and more

where I live? I live in Maryland. I'm close to Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington D.C.

what I like to be is a nurse and/or a musician

my favorite food is potato curry rice.

hobbies: . listen to music .cooking .hang out with friends . watching movies, shows and dramas like The Walking Dead.

3 likes .Jrock and Kpop .Anime .craziness 3 Dislike . rude people .people who are over happy ( its creepy ) .techno music

something about me. . my favorite color is blue. I wear it all the time. .I wear stripes and plaid. .I used to draw and write stories. .I collected coins from the states and foreign countries .



JapaneseAnime ・ KoreanTVShows ・ BIGBANG ・ K-Dramas
My name is Jessie.I'm an otaku. I love music, I listen to jrock, kpop some rap\ r&b and classical.
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