This Is How You Steal A K-Idol's Briefs


BIGBANG and Kim Jong Kookthe Running Man TeamBut most scandalous of all is what happened to poor Jong Kook...

It's a critical moment in the game. The challenge? Playing basketball in knee-deep water. Both teams are just two points away from victory.

Gameplay starts to get dirty. Jong Kook, who's scoring points left and right, is Running Man's biggest target. They come up with a plan to immobilize Jong Kook, aka Mr. Capable, for good. Meanwhile, teammate Daesung looks on in helpless amusement.

What's their plan?! Two Running Man cast members lunge... for Jong Kook's nether regions!! As the plan becomes clear, G-Dragon and Daesung just look on and laugh. (Is GD trying to be fashionable with that pink towel, or...?)

Lee Kwang Soo breaks out of the fray – with something in his hand!

It's Jong Kook's underwear!!!!!!

He flings it onto shore where Jong Kook has no hope of retrieving it... and no way of ever standing up again.

Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk kindly advise Jong Kook that it's better than he stay in the water for the time being...

...But, seeing him all naked and vulnerable, they decide to take pity on him.

OR DO THEY? Jae Suk beckons a boom man closer, explaining that he can't give Jong Kook his underwear back until they're a little drier.

So poor Jong Kook's boxers were flown like a flag for the world to see, while he lay helpless in the water!!!!

When Jong Kook FINALLY gets his underwear back, Kwang Soo plays one final cruel joke...

The Running Man team better watch out, because they have messed with Mr. Capable one too many times!!!

here.this clip

What did you think? Was stealing Jong Kook's underwear going too far??

Or do you, like me, secretly wish it had been a certain BIGBANG member's boxers instead... muahahahaha! >:D

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