The love challenge!!!

full name: Amanda Denise Lawrence


fav kpop group isssss. . . . 2NE1!!!!! and I frikn love cl!

whwre i live: I live in Pennsylvania but I am a jersey girl forever <3 nothing like the garden state

what i want to be when i grow up, well i'm 23 so I'm not a spring chicken but I always wanted to be a singer and dancer sadly I won't get there with hip dysplasia so I am a very happy stay at home mom with 2 beautiful children and a fantastic husband


I LOVE food. my favs are japanese, korean and Italian but I love everything and I love to eat I am a foodie and i get alot of hate for being skinny haha but I have a medical problem that made me this skinny anyways plus with hip dysplasia you have to stay thin in order to preserve the hip and keep as little weight off it as possible.

I have a laundry list of hobbies. I love cosplay ing and making cosplays and i love going to conventions with my kids and husband and soon my mom this year. I read and write fanfictions about sesshomaru and kagome from inuyasha but sometimes I do other animes. I make jewelry, and I LOVE videogames. I love going out with my family and trying new restaurants or food and i love cooking and cleaning. I also love making my kods cosplays and watching movies with them.

3 things I dislike and i like. I like kpop, anime, and music I dislike slow drivers or crazy drivers, my hip, and country music

I am a HUGE otaku. I love lapin cosplay ing reading manga and fanfictionsand watching anime. video games are my love and when fallout 4 comes no one will see me on here or facebook or anywhere for months, I'll be suprised if my kids see me hahahaha. That's all for now. S ee ya later space cowboy

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