Scrap-booking For Lazy People: The Smash Book

Scrap-booking is usually viewed as a passtime for idle moms and old ladies, but in the digital age more and more young people are gravitating toward tangible memories.

I keep a planner, and use it as a personal scrap book. But this is's easier.

Scrap books are supposed to be a chronicle of a year or so...wrapped up in a pretty bow with matching trim and perfect edges.

This scrap book is much more punk rock.

When Instagram is not enough and you're longing for some tangible evidence...grab one of these.

the internetIt doesn't technically exist.

Deep right?


Use a smash book to keep your memories safe. It'll lead to less stress and can serve as a creative outlet. Don't end up like poor Gandalf here...forgetting shit ya know?

You can use these books to track your progress, like a planner or a calendar.

You can make your own travel log.

You can write yourself notes for the future.

Or remind yourself of the past.

Whatever your reason for chronicling your life...just do it.

The therapy and happiness gained from tangible reminders of life has helped me move forward. And you can too!

Use a "Smash" brand book or just utilize a planner or journal. Get some glue, and put somet things on the page. Get creative. You'll be happier!

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