First Date Challenge: The Bleach Mustache Fiasco Of 2007

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The Bleach Mustache Fiasco Of 2007

I'll be honest. I was a late-bloomer when it comes to dating. I never had a serious boyfriend in high school at all, and the only semblance of a relationship I had ever had was the week I dated Ray Rossler in the 7th grade, but we broke up because - well, I'm not sure really. I think we just kind of stopped?

Anyway, so college was an awesome time for me. At last, I figured out how to straighten my hair. I was just starting art school and felt like I was finally surrounded by people who understood me. I was friends with my classmates, hung out with some of the 'younger, cooler' professors, and got asked out on a date-date by my Observational Drawing professor's roommate, Tony, a talented painter who was studying at the local arts atelier.


This was my first REAL date, and it was with a guy who was definitely way more experienced in the dating realm than I was. Plus, he was almost 9 years older than me. I'd been able to convince him I was 'mature for my age' up until that point. What if I blew it by coming off as a total noob once we were finally alone and hanging out?

Let me continue by saying that I'm Middle Eastern, and we've got our very own, sometimes strange routines when it comes to beauty and haircare. (I used the scene from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' for reference because all Mediterranean girls know this feel.)

Sometimes we curl our hair with jumbo curlers or fabric ties to give it a nice wave (over a very Slash-esque POOF!), while other times we might literally iron it. Like, with an iron. We were also all about bleach powdering our mustaches. It was seriously the only hair removal option I knew of at the time, but no one really told me how long you were supposed to leave it on because the entire box was in Arabic.

Needless to say, in only a few minutes time, I had a bright pink, extremely painful mustache on my face.

Yeah. Kind of like that.


So I did what I usually do in a dire situation and ran to find my older sister, who ended up digging out some makeup to help me cover it up - in particular, a green concealer stick that she swore would 'cancel out all the red'.


But I was running late! I had no choice, but to try to cover it up with even more makeup, and hurry on my way. Spending the entire date looking down kind of like this:


Fortunately for me, Tony didn't bring it up at all, and we ended up eating dinner (slowly, carefully, as to not 'reawaken' the crazy burn on my face), watching the latest 'Harry Potter' movie at the movie theater, and dating for a good year or so.

But yeah! The moral of the story here is BLEACH ON YOUR FACE? NOT EVEN ONCE!

I'm not going to tag anyone in this challenge because I'm going to assume the rest of you have never had anything embarrassing happen in your dating life, SO if you have an embarrassing story to share, FEEL FREE! And don't forget to tag me!

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