Modern Mixtape: Indie-Emo-Hipster-Nonsense

Okay@danidee, I see that you tagged me in@InPlainSight's mixtape challenge and as the self-proclaimed Prince of the Vingle Hipsters, I think I should try my goddamn best to pick 5 of the hippest hip indie-emo-hipster-nonsense songs. You wanna see bands with people in them wearing carabiners for their keys? You got it buddy. Let's do this thing. Here are five of my personal faves.

[note: they may not be my personal faves now that I know other people will know what they are.]

Built to Spill -- Carry the Zero

This song just gets me so excited. It gets me pumped. Back in the old days when I still had some health in these knees, I'd blast this as loud as I could in the car before I went skateboarding.

My favorite lyrics:

They're waiting for your guard to fall so they can see it all and you're so occupied with what other persons are occupied with and vice versa and you've become what you thought was dumb: the fraction of the sum.

John Roderick -- Not Moving to Portland

I really love the sound of an acoustic guitar and if there's anyone I look up to the most when it comes to acoustic versions of songs it's John Roderick of The Long Winters. His song Not Moving to Portland is about a lot of things. But to me, it's a moment in time where I was the happiest in my life. Playing in a band with the silliest name, drinking beer, and staying up way past my bedtime. Oh, the old days, how I miss them.

My favorite lyrics:

Now hope - well it's got me by the throat. And all your bicycles are dreaming of their brakes but my dreams have all been fakes of... Hey so you play too rough but I wimped out and I waited to say so... You play too rough but I wimped out and I waited to say so... I want you just as you first came to me. Wearing only perfume and a coat and too too much to drink.

Latterman -- Mumbled Words and Ridiculous Faces

Oh man, oh man, oh MAN! Latterman was my favorite pop-punk band when I was in high school and when they broke up I was devastated. But at least they left me with this song that I will always chant whenever I get the chance. It gets me so pumped and it makes me feel validated and awesome. If I worked out, I'd listen to this while I worked out.

My favorite lyrics:

The minute hand seems a little off this time around but just like us it will find its place so let's just give it some time for now. I don't always have all the right words. We don't always have all the right words.

The Front Bottoms -- Legit Tattoo Gun

This might be my absolute favorite Front Bottoms song. There's something about it that really resonates with me. I've definitely been in the EXACT SAME SITUATION as what's going on in the song and oh man, it's a goddamn roller coaster. I loved it though and I'm glad I have this song to listen to remind me of my youth and I'd gladly give it to you so you can always think about me, the Prince of Vingle Hipsters.

My favorite lyrics:

And I am alone only half of the time. The other half I am only hiding. And we were getting high and I was smoking pot. I'm pretty sure I am the only guy she's hooked up with tonight. But probably, no, probably not.

Cayetana -- Dirty Laundry


My favorite lyrics:

I still want you in a bad way. I want to see you on your bad days. Oh, I never needed you anyway. I never needed you anyway.


Isn't that so great guys? What a great group of songs that didn't launch me into thinking about what could have been at the end! Ha Ha Ha [forced laughter].

Anyway, thanks@danidee for tagging me to do@InPlainSight's mixtape challenge. I really enjoyed going on an emotional roller coaster for about 20 minutes.

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