DIY glitter barrettes

It's Two A.M


For this project, you will need:

-- Barrettes

-- Glitter nail polish

-- Clear nail polish or clear sealant spray

You can find these items at a craft or drug store.

Paint the barrettes

Use the glitter nail polish to paint the barrettes. You may have to do a few coats to get the desired results. You can also paint a coat of white nail polish underneath the glitter coats to make the glitter pop more.

Wipe away excess nail polish

In between each coat, make sure you wipe away any excess nail polish that you may have accidentally painted on the outside of the barrettes. It will be really hard to remove the excess pieces without taking off the whole coat once the coats of nail polish have dried. After the coats of nail polish have dried, seal the nail polish with a coat of clear nail polish or a coat of clear sealant.

Rock those sparkling barrettes with sass!

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