The curious case of Matt Harvey develops further

Yesterday, Mets GM Sandy Alderson divulged a bit more information on the team's plans with Matt Harvey for the playoffs.

It's been a question on all of our minds since the three-headed innings limit debacle between Harvey, his agent and the Mets started a few weeks ago.

Now, we've got a clear sense of what the plans are - kind of.

Alderson announced that Harvey will pitch just once in the 5-game Division Series (likely vs. the Dodgers).

According to the GM, the Mets' ace will be unrestricted, but not unlimited.

What does that mean?

It means that while Harvey will not be given the ball twice if the series goes 5 games, he will not be limited in the one start that he does get.

Manager Terry Collins seems set on giving Harvey the ball for Game 3 of the series, with Jacob deGrom getting the opener and Noah Syndergaard starting Game 2.

This is perfect.

I want deGrom pitching Game 1 (and the potential Game 5) anyway, even if Harvey wasn't on this crazy innings count.

And if the Mets can secure home field advantage, it'll mean that they play games 1 and 2 at Citi Field, where Syndegaard has been lights out all season. That leaves Harvey for Game 3 on the road in Los Angeles.

Harvey is exactly the guy I want pitching on the road in the playoffs. He's bigger than any moment and seems to have no nerves whatsoever.

It's fine with me if he doesn't pitch more than 1 game in the Division Series - that's what deGrom is for.

However, if the Mets advance beyond that, I want the wheels off. I don't want him to be restricted - or limited, or whatever sort of language the team wants to use - in a potential Championship Series, which would be a 7-game series.

If the team has a 7-game set late in October, I want Harvey pitching twice. End of story.

Go for glory! If not now, when?

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