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OK@aimeeh my phone decided to troll me so hard now. at least G-dragon is my baby appa Lol

so ji-yong oppa and I have been friends for the longest time. bffs for life! he knows I have a crush on young-bae oppa though....what I didn't know is that ji-yong oppa had a crush on me. I decided to give him a shot and he took me out. one thing led to another and he got me pregnant (sneaky ji-yong! I knew you wanted children but..... ) even though we had children he never had the guts to ask me out. so when seung-hyun asked me to go on a weekend cruise with him I said yes. it was sweet and he even wrote me a love song but we just didn't click. young-bae oppa finally found out how I felt about him and even though I had children with his bff he didn't care and he asked me out!!. (he's so good to the baby). ji-yong oppa is jealous but he never made any moves. and now youngbae and I are married!!

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