Kpop Roleplay

I love to roleplay and I tend to roleplay k-celebs more often than not when it's my choice. I posted this on my AsianFanfics and RoleplayRepublic accounts, but no reply yet. I was wondering if anyone wanted to roleplay the Running Man cast with me. It may seem a little weird but I would really like to try. I just think it'd be fun. I have my sights set on being Kwangsoo or maybe Jongkook. Lol Honestly, I'm open to any kind of roleplay though. My friends that usually rp with me have been pretty busy lately, for the most part. My rp self is lonely. >< Would anyone want to roleplay with me? I have kakao and line (AmbieAssassin) and Kik (AmbiexAssassin). Please, I'd really appreciate it! ^^

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