Foil Wrapped Pumpkins - DIY

Because I love glitter and sparkly things, I jumped as soon as I saw these foil wrapped pumpkins. I love too, that these can be wrapped in any color foil and it's still equally Halloween and Fall-ready.

To keep these extra sparkly, you can omit the "aging" process in this DIY. In fact, you could even add a few pinches of glitter here and there, just to give a hint of extra sparkle. Totally up to you!

Supplies Needed:

mini pumpkins

foil squares (candy wrappers from a hobby or baking store)

tacky glue

black paint (like fabric paint is fine)

foam brush

1. Gently crinkle the foil so that it's textured.

2. Coat the pumpkin with tacky glue.

3. Option, you can age the pumpkin by adding black paint to the top of the foiled pumpkin

4. Blot the black paint over the pumpkin with a paper towel to wipe off--leaving an aged look behind.

Once these are dry and set, you're ready to decorate your table, your entryway and any area that needs some cute reflective metal/foil pumpkins to showcase their beauty!

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