Zombie Survival Squad

THE MUSCLE; Seungri From Big Bang: He knows jinjistu and take down anyone or thing.

THE BRAINS: Zico of Block B. Can figures out ways to fighter or retreat or just out the way when the zombies attack.

THE SCAREDY CAT: Jonghyun of Shinee. He acts tough but he can't handle haunted house let alone zombies.

THE SECRET WEAPON: Jackson of Got7. when need some with swords or any type of blades that when you call in Jackson.

THE PROTECTOR: Ravi of Vixx. If needs to be he will be by your side when its needed but can go a little overbearing with his mothering

THE CO-CAPTAIN: Jay Park who else can stand by my side when it all go down, he can help leads us in the right direction.

Hey I'm 20 years old and I'm otherworldly Airéss and I'm in the early stages of producing music😃. in the last three years or so I have become Obessed With KPOP AND ALL THINGS RELATED TO IT. Thanks to my two very best friends my life haven't been the same. I mean I was already obessed with Asians and their culture but now....well boom now you here and I'm here
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