De-Stress Today: Coloring Books For Adults

I remember sitting down with my sister a few times a week with our big box of crayons. We'd color in Disney characters and animals, sunshine soaked landscapes and pretty princesses. It was fun. We could color the worlds on the pages however we wanted. It was freedom in a box.

When we grow older we often abandon the simple activities of childhood. Coloring is one of them.

Here are a few coloring books that are perfect for any age. The act of creation is always a de-stressor.

The Indie Rock Coloring Book

By: Yellow Bird Project

Illustrated by Andy J Miller

This is my favorite of all the books. It references hipster jargon and bands from all kinds of obscure places. It's a cute, tongue in cheek adult coloring book that makes fun of you while making you laugh. Of course all the fun pages with concerts, musical instruments and happy little people listening to music you've never heard of, will make you smile.

All of the profits from the book's sale go to charity, so that's pretty awesome right?

Available here

The Tattoo Coloring Book

By: Megamunden

Become your own tattoo artist with this creative coloring book. It's the perfect antidote for those of you who get restless regarding tattoos. I want a new one every other day...but this will do as a temporary fix.

It's totally therapeutic to fill in the intricate spaces. The exact science of tattooing can come in handy to calm you down or clear your mind...without any of the dire consequences. Everyone wins!

Available here. :)

The Art of Nature Coloring Book

By: Adams Media

Get a bit more scientific and opt for this anatomically correct coloring book. This book explores the real-life beauty all around us. Zen vibes are on the way as you color your way through the sea floor and beyond. There's nothing more calming than green and blue seascapes. Create them yourself.

Available here.

Color Me Calm Meditation Coloring Book

By: Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter

This is the quintessential coloring book for those of us who need a total relaxation moment. Carry it with you to use on breaks at work or while you seek downtime from stressful situations. The dreamy pages are covered in swirls and abstract images. The non-linear vibe of this coloring book will have you all calmed down in no time.

Available here.

Inspired? It's time to get coloring now! Use these books to help improve your mental state and give you more joy. That's the goal right?

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