Weirdest Place I've Ever Kissed A Boy

So I was thinking about it, and I realized I've got some pretty weird stories. Most of them, of course, involve my weird and wacky forays into the world of romance, and, er, well, pseudo-romance (*cough* hook ups *cough*). So where else but the internet to share some of my deepest darkest secrets??!

the weirdest place I've ever kissed a boy.

I was a perky, innocent co-ed starting my junior year; he was an alum two years older, a stand up comedian and funny dude extraordinaire, on whom I had crushed for a solid two years. When he graduated, I thought I had lost my chance. I was pretty bummed that I had never worked up the courage to even really talk to him.

But he was applying for a Rhodes scholarship, so he kept having to come back and visit campus the fall after graduated. The first time I saw him on campus again, I was like !!!!!!!!! Does this mean I have another chance!?!! And lo and behold, I went to a stand up show that night with a few of our mutual friends, who told me he'd be coming too. My friend knew what I was about, so he rigged it so that I could sit next to this guy. I was pretty much hyperventilating at this point, because this guy was like a celebrity to me. But I tried to play it cool and pretend like I was really confident and interesting (which is pretty much how I always try to play it where boys are concerned). We laughed and flirted a bunch that night, and after the show he texted my friend, "Come to ____'s house for a party! Bring Alli." I was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG. IS THIS REAL LIFE RIGHT NOW. So I went to the party, and after flirting all night, we ended up hooking up in my dorm room (oh-so-luckily, my roommate was sleeping over her boyfriend's that night).

But that's not the weird part.

This turned into an affair of a few months, where we'd see each other on his sporadic campus visits. Just for casual stuff, nothing emotional. I, of course, was crazy about him. Who wouldn't fall for a cool, older, smart, talented, funny dude who seems so super sweet and goofy in his comedy routines? So I was ready to try pretttttty much anything with him. This one night, when we met in the middle of the pitch black campus quad at midnight, and wandered around trying the doors of various buildings until we found one that was unlocked: the student center. There were still a few people around in the mostly-empty building, so we headed upstairs to a room he thought he might still have the key for. Turned out he was right. Since the door had a large window, and we didn't particularly want to get caught in the act, we ducked into the closet. And... um... "kissed." Let's go with that.

It turned weird, though, when he asked me to keep what had happened "between us." I said, well, of course I'm going to tell my girlfriends, but they don't know you or any of your friends, so that's fine, right? And he was like... um... nope. Don't tell anyone. Which is when I was like, okay, who's this guy cheating on? Never did get an answer to that, but I did write about it on the internet just now, which is the same as telling EVERYONE. Muahahaha!

(No no, I'm not that petty, I didn't give away enough details to ID him if you're not one of my good friends who already knows the story.)

the weirdest place I have kissed a boy:

Note: the cover photo was taken in the wake of the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots. Post-riot kiss... now that's one I have not done. Yet.

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