Zombie Survival Squad


The muscles, Choi Siwon from Super Junior. • He's just fit in all types of ways and I've seen him on Running Man before... He can run pretty fast.

The brains, Tablo. • He has an IQ of 160! Plus, he studied at an American university, ( Stanford ) and got As/A+s on a whole semester.

The scaredy cat, Hongki from FT Island. • He seems so delicate at times, and I've seen his adorable reactions when he gets frightened...

The protector/mother, CL from 2NE1. • Words cannot explain how much CL would help me through the apocalypse. And, she's badass, too. Keep that in mind.

The secret weapon, Hyuk from VIXX. • Hyuk seems like the most dedicated out of all VIXX members to actually go out of his way to complete his goal. I mean, he is the maknae after all.

The co-leader, Mingyu from Seventeen. • Mingyu's personality would go well with mine and we'd be able to work together pretty fairly. He's chill, too, so why not?

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